4 Things to Talk about When You Don’t Know What to Say to Your Audience

What to Talk about With Your Audience

It can be difficult to know what you should say to your audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re emailing them, creating a video, or are doing social media. Sometimes you have no clue what you want to write.

There’s a good chance you have something to promote, but you don’t want to only talk about that. You want to have something else in there as well. The question becomes, what on earth do you talk about?

You want your audience to like you, as well as be interested in what you’re writing. So I get being unsure of what you should write about.

Here are 4 different things that you can talk about when you have no idea what to say:

1. Talk about yourself and your life

If someone is on your list, it’s because they like you. They want to hear more about you. Tell them what you’re doing or have done recently. What’s going on in your life?

Talk about what you’re doing within your niche. Have you learned something recently? Are you working on something in particular? If they are interested in the niche, they’ll want to hear what you’re doing in it. It could even be a great place to promote something if you’re talking about something you recently purchased and liked.

You can talk about how things are where you live right now. Is it raining today? Is it beautiful out? Are you going to go out to the park later? Talk about the things that you’re doing. Maybe you’re going to run errands later, or are going to do something fun tomorrow. Let your audience know. They’ll get to learn more about you this way too. They’ll see the things that you spend your time doing, and what you like and enjoy. They’ll see what your life is like.

2. Share a story

People love to hear stories. They’ll get to know and like you better if you share stories. Want some examples? Let’s say you’re going to be promoting a book in your content. You can share a story about what made you buy the book, or what happened when you went to the store to buy the book. You can share a story about what happened while you were reading the book and learned something. You can share a story about what you did with the knowledge you gained after reading the book.

You can share a story about something going on in your life right now. Most likely your not writing your content right after you woke up. Did something funny or entertaining happen between when you woke up and when you’re writing? If you have a pet, did they do something that people would get a kick out of if you shared it? Did your child say something that made you laugh? It didn’t have to happen in the last few hours either. You can write about something that happened yesterday, the other day, or even a little while ago.

Even if you don’t think some of these things are all that exciting, it helps paint a picture of who you are and what you do. Sharing stories from your life help people get to know you better. You could share a story that talks about why you got into the niche in the first place, or why you spend so much time on it.

3. Teach them something

People want to learn from you about your niche. That’s why they follow you. Make sure that you’re teaching them things that they’re interested in. Of course you aren’t going to go into too many details for a small piece of content, but you can still teach something. You can offer tips when you’re sharing content. Even just a sentence or two about your niche can help someone that doesn’t know as much as you do.

You can teach them about something that you think they need to know about. You can share something you learned recently. You can share something you wish you knew when you were just starting out.

If you’re promoting one of your courses, teaching them something related to it could be very helpful. Another thing you can do is teach them something that would be in the course. Then you can say that if they buy the product, they’ll learn this as well as a lot of other things. By sharing something small from it, you’ll be letting them know what types of things they’ll learn. It can be helpful and make you more sales.

If you’re promoting someone else’s product, you can still teach them something first. It may be related to what you’re promoting, or at least something similar. It can help them decide if the product is for them or not.

Most of us love to learn and you’re the perfect person to teach them! If you’ve been in the niche for any length of time (and if you’re teaching others about it, you probably have), you have a lot of knowledge that you can share with others.

4. Give them some advice

We all like getting advice from people who have “been there, done that.” Whether it’s in your niche, or not, advice is always helpful.

You can share something that you found out the hard way in your niche. You can share some advice about getting things done, or accomplishing your goals.

You’ve been in your niche for at least a little while, and have learned a lot. Share some advice to make it easier for your audience. Remember, someone is on your list because they like you and want to learn from you. So they’ll be happy to get any advice from you that they can.

There are many things that you can talk about with your audience when you don’t really know what to talk about. A few sentences here and there before you promote something can help your audience. It’ll help them get to know you better, like you more, and trust you more as well. This will help you make more sales, and earn more money overall.