What to Do When You’re Feeling Blah and Can’t Get Yourself to Work (or Do Much of Anything)

Get Yourself to Work When Feeling Blah

We all have times where we feel blah. Sometimes there is a specific reason for it, and other times you don’t even know why you feel that way. The problem is, when you feel that way, you don’t want to do anything. You don’t want to work, you don’t want to clean, you don’t want to do anything that you need to get done.

Let’s face it. Sometimes you just don’t have a choice and you need to get things done. While some of won’t be instantaneous, they will help you feel less blah, and get you more motivated to get work done. Others will start to help you feel better almost immediately!

Get More Sleep

I know that this won’t solve everything right away, but I’ve found if I don’t get enough sleep at night, the next day I’m not in a great place. When I do get a good night’s sleep though, I’m ready to accomplish a lot and nothing can stop me. I know it isn’t easy to go to bed early. If you could try going to sleep 15 minutes to a half hour earlier at night though you might see a big difference! If you notice that the extra sleep is helping, but not enough, you may want to go to bed a little earlier than that as well. Once you’re waking up in the morning and you aren’t tired, and are in a decent mood, you’re getting enough sleep.

When you’re getting more sleep, you’ll find that you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, and will be in a lot better mood. That mood will make it easier for you to get work done, and to WANT to get work done. You may hate the idea of losing a little “me” time at the end of the night, but I can tell you from experience that it is worth it. You’ll feel better all day long and accomplish a lot more and the only thing that changed is going to sleep earlier.

Exercise – Move Your Body

I get it. I don’t enjoy exercising. What I do love is the feeling I get after I exercise. When I exercise soon after I wake up, for the rest of the day I am motivated. I have more energy. I get more work done. I am in a good mood. It’s amazing what exercising does.

I’m not saying that you have to spend hours exercising. All you need is a little bit and you’ll get the benefits. I usually do about a half of an hour (sometimes only about 20 minutes) and it helps me want to work. If you don’t have much time, try even short spurts of 2-3 minutes at a time of doing some exercise.

I bet you’ll notice a lot of major differences in how you feel. You’ll be more motivated to get things done, happier, and energized. It may be hard to convince yourself to do it, but once you’re doing it, I bet you’ll be glad you did. In fact, once you start seeing the benefits, I bet you’ll continue to work out – even if you never enjoy exercising. You’ll still love what you get out of it.

Listen to Music

Are you looking for an option that can help you right away? Music can really change your mood. If you’re feeling blah, try listening to some of your favorite songs! My guess is that you’ll soon feel a lot better, and will be singing along. Soon after, you’ll be energized, and ready to go. You’ll want to work or accomplish whatever other tasks that you wanted to get done, but didn’t have the energy for.

The type of music that you should listen to depends on what you like. If you’re into a certain style of music, that will be what helps make put you in a more energized state and makes you happy.

If you’re not sure what type of music to listen to, try listening to something with an upbeat tempo. Something on the faster side. But all it takes is something that you like. If you’re enjoying it, you’ll be singing along and will be happier. You’ll be in a better mood, and in turn will have more energy and want to start getting things done.

Have a Snack or Drink

If you’re looking for something else that can help you right away, consider food or drink. If you haven’t had any water in a while, you may be dehydrated. If you are, you may be tired, blah, and not want to get any work done. If that’s the case, make sure you drink some water! In fact, keep a glass of water nearby, and make sure you have a sip every so often. That way this won’t happen again.

Another thing that can help is having a small snack. If you haven’t eaten in a while, you could be hungry and not realize it. A small snack (preferably something healthy) will give you some energy, and hopefully give you the push you need to get some work done.

While any food can help, chocolate can also help give you that little kick you need to start getting work done. Eating chocolate creates a feeling of pleasure and motivation. This can help you get more things done, and get rid of that blah feeling.

It can be hard to get things done when you’re feeling blah, but sometimes you have no choice. If you try some of the methods above, you’ll find that you’ll be happier and more motivated. You’ll find that you’re able to accomplish a lot more than when you started and were blah and didn’t want to do anything.

Play around with the different suggestions, and see what works best for you. The same thing won’t work for everyone, but if you try these things, I’m sure that at least some of them will help you. You’ll be more energized, more motivated, and will get a lot more done!