What Did You Accomplish Over the Long Holiday Weekend?

I talk about a lot of different topics on this blog, but the main point that I (hope to) get across is that you should work on YOUR terms, not on THEIRS. When you’re doing work that you want to, it isn’t even considered work. It’s something that you want to spend time doing…and it should be something that you enjoy doing!

Here’s what I mean. What did you accomplish over this long Thanksgiving weekend? A lot of people had Thursday and Friday off of work. I’m sure those that did spent no time thinking about their jobs, and I wouldn’t have expected them to.

If you have your own business, what did you do over the holiday weekend? The wonderful thing is that it was completely up to you! If you wanted to get some work done, you could have. If you wanted to take the entire time off and spend time with family or shop, or watch some TV, that was completely up to you.

Me? I did a bit of both. I spent Thursday with my family, and we had a great day. My daughter loved spending the day with her cousins. They had a lot of fun running around the house playing with everything they could think of. I didn’t think about doing any work, and enjoyed the day.

The rest of the weekend, I did a bit of everything. I did a bit of online shopping, I did a lot of coloring and playing with LEGOs (hey, that’s what you do when you have a young child!) and spent some time on my business. It wasn’t because I HAD to. It was because I wanted to. I enjoy my business and love to put time into making my ideas into a reality. I get all excited when I have ideas, and want to work on them. That’s how a business should be.

But that’s the whole point. Having your own business lets YOU be in charge of what you do, and when you do it. That’s why I’m always so animated when I talk about my business or talk to people about why they might want to consider starting one. You can do it in whatever way you want to! If you’re the person who wants to spend a few hours a week working on your business so that you can earn enough money to go on an amazing vacation each year? That’s great. Do you want to spend every waking moment working until your dream is a reality? That’s awesome too.

What would be something that I want to do would most likely not be something that you would want to do. That’s what makes having your own business incredible. “You do you” as they say. You work on what makes you happy in the way that works for you. No one tells you what you have to do or when you have to do it.

For that, I am truly grateful.