Free Videos: 29 Strategies for Transforming Your Business

29 Strategies

Over the last week and a half I’ve been watching a series put out by Dan Kennedy, one of marketing’s living legends, about his 29 Systems, Strategies & Secrets for Rapidly Transforming Your Business, Getting Rich & Living a Life of Freedom.

Each episode has been better than the last and if you haven’t seen them you need to check them out now before they are taken down.

Here’s a quick recap of each of them:

Episode 1: Dan goes over architecture of “wealth attraction.” You’ll discover exactly why you are working so hard and not getting ahead as fast as you want and how to change that.

Episode 2: In this episode Dan reveals how to harness an unusual power so business flows to you. I know this sounds a bit “out there”, but watch them and you’ll immediately identify road-blocks you’ve unknowingly erected that have inhibited money from moving in your direction.

Episode 3: Dan Kennedy shows you the strategies you can use to structure your business to attract better customers, clients or patients and make your business profitable and live life on your own terms.

And finally in episode 4, which was just released, Dan goes over the tools and systems you need in place to achieve everything he’s talked about. This is where the “rubber meets the road” and you have the chance to step up and change your business and your life.

In essence you will know exactly how to think and what to do so your business not only makes you rich but gives you the lifestyle you want to have.

It’s about freedom, power and money and it works.

These FREE episodes won’t be available much longer.

Get access before they go away:

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CanvaKala – Add and Edit Graphics in WordPress in Seconds!


I see WordPress plugins being offered all of the time, and usually I’m not impressed.

But yesterday I saw one that was so cool, I bought it and have already used it on about 6 different blog posts.

First, it makes finding graphics for your posts REALLY simple. Within the post you’ll be able to search for exactly what you’re looking for.

If that wasn’t good enough, you can now edit your graphic right within WordPress!

I’m talking about being able crop the picture, resize it, add effects, and even add TEXT to your graphic, all within WordPress.

It’s really easy too. I can find a picture, and edit it the way I want (including adding text) in just a minute or so.

I also love that it makes your blog posts look so much more professional.

Here are just some of the cool stats about the plugin:

  • Search from over 2 million images you can use on your site.
  • These are Royalty-free images from 4 different sources.
  • Quickly EDIT images just like PHOTOSHOP.
  • Add 100+ Special Effects, Text, Borders and Graphics to your images.
  • It has LAYERS just like Photoshop for advanced graphics work.
  • Add Instagram like effects to images – make them stand out & look cool.
  • FIX images – never have to fire up a photo editing software again.

I’m really liking it so far, and the fact that it now takes almost no time to have a professional looking graphic in my blog posts is really great.

The price is going up soon, so don’t miss out!

Get CanvaKala Now!

Become a Successful Affiliate (with The Commission Machine)

The Commission Machine

I’ve met a lot of affiliates that are doing well online over the years.

And I can tell you there are certain characteristics or traits they all share.

1. They are process-orientated

They don’t hop from one promo to the next.

They have a process, a system and a series of steps they follow every time.

2. They stand out from the crowd

They have a special way of resonating with their audience which gets their messages read, not deleted.

3. They’re always investing in learning new things

They realize commissions are created by using new, fresh and innovative ideas to stay one step ahead of the affiliate zombie army.

I purchased this and went through the entire course. I learned a lot and think it’ll be very helpful for anyone who wants to be a successful affiliate marketer.

If you’re ready for the credibility, kudos and commissions you can command as a super affiliate then this is for you.

By the way – The price is going up at midnight EST on Sunday.

Get The Commission Machine Now!

Create Your Own Amazon Store in Seconds?


What would you think if I told you it’s possible to set up a fully automated income stream in just a few seconds? Yes, a few seconds. You’d think I was crazy wouldn’t you.

If you’ve ever used an Amazon store builder you’ll know they aren’t as easy to use as they claim. Some require you to install third party plugins and set up other complicated systems such as cron jobs, PHP scripts, etc. While some are just so hard to set up you end up giving up.

So when Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill set out to create an Amazon store builder they knew they had to make it as simple and effective as possible.

And that’s exactly what they did. You really have to see this in action to believe just how simple and effective it is.

In fact if you go to their page right now Dave will show you how you can set up an income stream in seconds by using their unique ‘instant monetization’ feature.

Make sure you watch the video and you’ll see Dave create a fully automated income stream in a matter of minutes.

Get InstantAzon Now!

29 Secrets to Transform Your Business and Gain Wealth, Power, and Freedom

Source Code to Success

You might be wondering if there are some “secrets” that crazy-rich business owners know about that you don’t. Well, guess what…

There are, and once you know the secrets, you will not only attract better customers, clients and patients but massive amounts of wealth as well.

One of the living legends in marketing and business success, “Millionaire Maker” Dan Kennedy just released a provocative four-episode series called “The Source Code” that can really help you.

In this, Dan reveals his most powerful, counter-intuitive and in some cases, unorthodox methods for attracting wealth and building your business.

You can have the business you’ve dreamed about and true financial freedom by employing the strategies that Dan lays out for you.

You can watch episode 1 right now.

You’ll discover:

  • Why most of what you’ve been taught about wealth attraction is a sham
  • The architecture of wealth attraction (Very intriguing and controversial)
  • Why you are working so hard and not getting ahead as fast as you want (AND the right and wrong ways to fix this problem once and for all)

I think you’ll like it and find it valuable.

They’re not selling anything here. It’s just good content.

Now is the time to change your business and your financial life.

“The Source Code” series is going to show you how.

Imagine you could wave a magic wand and make your business exactly like you wanted it to be and then wave it again and attract an avalanche of wealth starting today.

I want to make that happen for you so watch this now.

I’m excited for you. I know this series will be a game-changer for you.

Click here and get immediate access:

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$1.99 a Month for the IM Inside Track….Really?

The IM Inside Track

A few days ago, I posted about Dennis Becker’s “Legacy Project”. I know that not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money learning about Internet Marketing topics, and that’s why I’m so excited.

Dennis is charging $1.99 a month for “The IM Inside Track”.

It will cover things that beginners need to know, as well as advanced marketers. He’s just opened it to the public, but give it a few months and there will be a ton of information in there. Of course, if you wait until then, the price will be a whole lot higher.

Here are just a few of the topics so far:

  • Article Marketing as an Affiliate
  • Choosing a Product to Promote
  • Product Creation
  • Creating Mini Sites to Flip
  • Using Facebook for Business
  • Becoming a Coach
  • The Difference between Passive and Non-Passive Income
  • Productivity
  • …and so much more.

Inside, you’ll find a few dozen of what will soon become hundreds of episodes. Each will be easily consumable as blog posts, podcasts, or PDFs. All in different topics, and can even be downloaded if you want.

Every week, at least 3-5 more episodes will be added.

I still can’t believe he’s only charging $1.99 per month.

And no, that’s really not a typo. Less than 2 dollars per month to be able to learn on many topics in the IM industry, with new content being added all of the time.

You really need to check it out…

Join The IM Inside Track Now!

Why You Need the IM Inside Track

The IM Inside Track

You may not know of Dennis Becker, but he’s just created what he’s calling his ”legacy project”, and it can really benefit you.

It’s called “The IM Inside Track”, but has nothing to do with a Facebook group he’s created with that name.

Instead, you’ll find a few dozen of what will soon become hundreds of episodes. Each will be easily consumable as blog posts, podcasts, or PDFs. All in different topics, and can even be downloaded if you want.

Every week, at least 3-5 more episodes will be added.

It’s content includes things for beginners to more advanced marketers, so no matter where you are, you’ll be able to learn something.

My favorite part (and what I’m guessing will be your favorite part)?

The price.

He’s only charging $1.99 per month.

And no, that’s really not a typo. Less than 2 dollars per month to be able to learn on many topics in the IM industry, with new content being added all of the time.

You really need to check it out…

Dennis has always over-delivered, but this is just incredible…

You can wait, but I guarantee that as more content goes into the membership site, he’ll raise the price. At this ridiculous price, how can you justify waiting?

Join The IM Inside Track Now!

CopyBuilder – He Made Over 1 Million Dollars Using This


I know that writing copy can be very difficult.

I’ve stared at the screen trying to figure out exactly what to write, and I know it’s not easy.

And hiring a copywriter? Well sure, that’s an option…but only if you want to spend a lot of money!

CopyBuilder was just released, and it eliminates the need to know anything about copywriting – saving you a fortune because you won’t need to outsource even a single word – ever again.

Using just a few clicks of the mouse, CopyBuilder will let you have great copy that you can use to make more sales from the same amount of traffic.

Whether you want to make an ultra-converting Video Sales Letter script (that the gurus are using) or just a regular sales page that gets visitors to buy, CopyBuilder lets you do it effortlessly.

Alex and his partner have been using CopyBuilder, and one month they made $700k with it. Their students are already getting incredible results, and some are making 5 figures a day.

It sounds nuts, but if you make even a fraction of that, won’t you be thrilled?

The price is going up tomorrow, so check it out now:

Learn More about CopyBuilder Now!

Earn Money, Create a Community, and Get More Clout with a Challenge! (PLR Included)

Run a Challenge

Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold of CoachGlue just released a new “Teach Your Tribe” package, and if you’re trying to earn more each month as well as grow your community, you’re going to want to see this.

It’s called “How to Quickly Grow Your Cash, Your Community, and Your Clout by Running a Challenge”.

Challenges are really popular lately, and that’s for a good reason. People know that it is only for a limited time, and so they give their all to it and achieve something they might not have thought they could achieve. It’s a win for everyone.

They achieve their goal, and think highly of you for doing the challenge in the first place!

Right now I’m doing the 100 Day Challenge, and even though I’m only on day 5, I can see how being a part of a challenge really gets you to do more. I’ve been a part of other short term challenges too, and they have helped as well. I plan on running my own challenge sometime soon, as I can see what a great idea it is.

You’ll get a ton of stuff, and as usual you can edit/change anything you want.

You get:

  • The step by step webinar/teleclass/workshop script which shows you exactly how to run a challenge.
  • Worksheet
  • 4-week done for you calendar
  • Action checklist
  • Resource directory
  • 21 ideas blueprint
  • 58 Powerpoint slides to present your content through webinars, classes, and workshops.

Even if you’re not sure you are interested, check this out if for no other reason than to see how much content they are giving you. You’ll be impressed, believe me!

Nicole and Melissa always overdeliver. The content in this package (as well as every other one they put out) will really help you with your business!

Learn How to Run a Challenge Now!

IM Wealth Builders Present the Covert Shirt Store!

Covert Shirt Store

Last year the IM Wealth Builders launched their amazing Covert Shirt Store WP theme – the world’s first (and only) dedicated t-shirt store theme for WordPress.

Since then thousands of happy customers have used it to generate amazing results. In fact many of them sold their very first t-shirts using the theme.

For the next 3 days they have knocked the price back down to the original early bird launch special (originally only available during the first 24 hours).

And not only that… you will get the brand new 2.0 version updated for 2015 and beyond.

If you don’t own the Covert Shirt Store theme yet… Now is the time to take action and secure you copy.

Here are just two of the exciting new features in Covert Shirt Store 2.0:

  • Integration with Fabrily and Teezily allowing you to sell shirts to and build dedicated stores for the European market.
  • Integration with Sunfrog T-shirt. Bringing you another great option for selling other people’s t-shirts as an affiliate.

As with all Covert products from the IM Wealth Builders you get free updates for life – (existing members have already downloaded this 2.0 version for free!)

Remember that the new Covert Shirt Store 2.0 theme is available at a discount right now and it’s still dirt cheap.

However the special re-launch discount is only available for 3 days…

When the count down timer on the page hits zero, this deal will be gone forever.

I recommend that you check it out now – it’s really good – and you’d want to get in before the price goes up!

Get the Covert Shirt Store Theme Now!

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