How to Outsource (A Guide for Internet Marketers)

Outsourcing for IMers

As an Internet Marketer, you can’t do everything yourself. There just isn’t enough time.

Of course, that’s assuming that you have the skills to do everything yourself.

My guess is that you don’t. Not many people know how to do all of the following: write well, create websites, create graphics, create marketing funnels and more.

I know I sure don’t!

So how can you get all this stuff done?

You already know the answer to this…


Dennis Becker just released a book called “Outsourcing for IMers”, where you’ll learn what to outsource, and how to outsource it.

You’ll learn how to find a good person to outsource to, how to pay them, and everything in between.

If you’ve never outsourced something, but love the idea of having something done that you just can’t do (because of skill or time), you need this book.

You may think you don’t have the budget to do this…but did you know that you can get many things done for just $5?

I know because I’ve done it myself!

If you have any questions about outsourcing…and want to make sure you do it right, check out Outsourcing for IMers:

Get Outsourcing for IMers Now!

Covert Conversation – This Will Increase Your Sales!

Covert Conversation

Most of us are ad blind these days.

We see so many ads, that we don’t even notice most of the ads on a page.

But…people love Skype.

Most of us (probably you too) use Skype to stay in touch with our family friends and business partners.

When we get a Skype call we all drop everything to immediately answer that call.

And that’s why this new plugin is so effective!

Watch the video below to see how it taps into the Skype effect and generates more clicks, leads and sales than anything you have ever used before!

The new Covert Conversation WordPress plugin will create an ad that completely mimics a real Skype call – down to look, feel and even sound.

It’s irresistible for people – they want to click on the call – and when they do you can send them to ANY website you want.

Or you can have them call you on Skype if you are doing personal selling.

The choice is yours – but either way this plugin is amazingly effective at generating clicks, leads and sales.

You simply have to go here and see this powerful plugin in action!

And right now you can grab the super simple WordPress plugin that lets you put these ads on your blogs.

It’s available at a special launch discount right now and it’s still super cheap.

However the price will go up very soon.

I highly recommend that you check it out now – it’s really good – and you’ll want to get in before the price goes up!

Get Covert Conversation Now!

PS Instant Expert – Master Photoshop in One Afternoon?

PS Instant Expert

Did you know Photoshop is the most important skill for online business owners?

Many people take it for granted, but it’s expensive to get design work done.

Did you know that you can easily do it yourself?

If you aren’t a designer already, you might disagree with that. But you can master Photoshop in an afternoon.

If you don’t already know Photoshop, I already know what you’re thinking: “No thanks, too much trouble!”

And that’s why I know you’re going to love this.  You’ll learn how to use Photoshop the easy way!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 30+ “no-fluff” quick-draw Photoshop lesson videos to get you on board and designing in under a day
  • Learn how to bank $500 in 3 days with your own designs
  • Earn at least $120 –per download– from just one graphic
  • Unlock retail Photoshop starting at $10
  • Complete resale rights *WITH* sales/download pages, PDF’s, .PSD’s, +all the videos

That’s a lot to take in, and here I was thinking the training itself was PLENTY.

In other words, you basically get the latest retail version of Photoshop for just $10.

Then, you follow these easy videos. In around 2-3 hours, you will be as proficient as the next guy.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well it’s not!

In addition to this they show you how to make $120 over and over from one of your designs.

It’s as easy as creating the design, signing up, and uploading it.

I was blown away when I learned this. Designers are making a killing!

They also found a way for you get “backdoor access” to the latest version of Photoshop for just $10!

I wouldn’t wait around, as there is a cutoff date for registration. So you definitely don’t want to wait around.

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to learn Photoshop that I’ve ever seen. These are tips and tricks from a real professional Photoshop designer, and it’s designed in a way to give you the ability to create any logo, banner, or other graphic as fast as possible.

Get PS Instant Expert Now!

IM Cartel – Make Money with Kindle Books Without Writing a Word!

IM Cartel

A week ago, Ben Shaffer re-opened IM Cartel.

It’s a really cool concept.

It’s where you get to earn royalties…and you don’t do any of the work!

Ben’s people will write Kindle books.

You and the others in your group will earn the profits that the Kindle books make!

You can read all about it below.

I haven’t seen anything like it before.

But he’s closing it down in less than 24 hours. So if you’re interested, now it is the time to check it out:

Join IM Cartel Now!

Get The Machine Before it Closes

Ryan Deiss - The Machine

This has been an amazing run…but it’s coming to an end and Ryan Deiss is shutting it down.

Why is he closing it down?

Because it WORKED!

In less than 5 days, Ryan’s almost hit the max number of new students he’s able to take on and help build out their Machine using his proven campaigns at one time.

Machine members are ALREADY jumping in and getting FULL support from the private Facebook group, setting up their Machines and launching their campaigns!

But all good things must end and he must CLOSE the coaching program now before it gets to an unmanageable number, so, I wanted to give you fair warning.

I’m not sure when he’ll re-open again – but I do know that it will stay closed at least until this class is complete and the students that got in have launched their own Machine campaigns (that’s going to be AT LEAST 12 weeks from now.)

But you don’t have to wait if join him right now and become part of something truly amazing:

By the way, a lot of people have been asking if the “Machine” coaching program will work for their business.

My answer is an extremely confident YES.

They’ve successfully applied the Machine to everything from high-end consulting businesses, done-4-you service businesses, software businesses, eCommerce businesses, information publishing businesses and even the commercial water filter manufacturing business (it doesn’t get more boring – or further from the “IM business” than that).

If that’s not proof enough, then you need to hear what their Machine BETA members had to say about the Machine:

Learn More about The Machine Now!

Get the Facebook Re-Marketing Business in a Box with PLR!

Facebook Re-Marketing Business in a Box PLR

Dr. Amit Pareek just released “Facebook Remarketing Business in a Box” with Full PLR Rights.

“Facebook Re-Marketing Biz in a Box” is a top quality training that you can sell under your own name.

It comes with all ready to go sales material to start selling today.

You can sell unlimited copies for life, and keep 100% of the profits.

Here are just a few things you can do with it:

  • You can build your list by offering it as a gift
  • You can offer it as bonus to other products
  • You can sell it to help people learn how to use Facebook Re-marketing
  • …and more!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Module 1: High Quality Training Guide (valued at $720)
  • Module 2: Cheat Sheet (valued at $20)
  • Module 3: Mind Map (valued at $40)
  • Module 4: Top Resources Report (valued at $20)
  • Module 5: High Converting Sales Copy (valued at $320)
  • Module 6: 6 Professional Mini-Sites (valued at $160)
  • Module 7: Doodle Style Sales Video (valued at $320)
  • Module 8: Swipe Emails for Your Affiliates (valued at $20)
  • Module 9: Complete Set of Animated Banners (valued at $160)
  • Module 10: Complete Set of Professional Graphics (valued at $240)

As you can easily see, you get absolutely everything you need to start selling the product today!

If you’re looking to help others, and want to start making money, the Facebook Re-margeting Business in a Box will help you now:

Get Facebok Re-Marketing Business in a Box with PLR Now!

Social Blog Blueprint – Don’t Feel Guilty Anymore For Neglecting Your Blog

Social Blog Blueprint

I know how easy it can be to neglect a blog. I have a few that are like that.

You give the blog your all…but if you don’t start seeing results soon, you might start neglecting it, moving onto something else that makes you money.

However it is well worth focusing some effort on your blog as the hub of your business.

If you are going to send traffic to your blog then it is surely worth making sure that you are presenting it at it’s best, don’t you think?

Yes it can be hard work but the Social Blog Blueprint can help!

You may be a complete beginner or have some blogging experience, but either way, these days you need to know not only how to build a blog, but also how to make it part of your social media system.

Properly set up, your blog can be the very crucial, central hub of your business. The place where all of your traffic is directed.

When that traffic gets to your site, make sure they are amazed at what they see!

The Social Blog Blueprint gives you 9 packed modules of information that will make sure you have a blog to be proud of.

The price goes up with every sale so get it now while the price is at it’s lowest.

Get Social Blog Blueprint Now!

Million Dollar Sales Video – It’s Real!

In 2008, Alex Jeffreys recorded a seemingly ordinary sales video. He whipped it up with mostly free software, and a $7 microphone that was impossible to mistake for professional quality.

Nobody thought it would make waves. Even he didn’t expect it to earn more than $10-20k when he quietly launched it. But only 7 days later, he’d done $297k in sales. Over the full life of the video, Alex earned a whopping $1.1 million.

Now for the truly exciting part.

After YEARS of speculation about how he did it – Alex is finally ready to reveal the truth. You can discover the answer for yourself in Million Dollar Sales Video.

Available for the first time EVER…Million Dollar Sales Video.

He’s doing this offer on a “dimesale” format. That means with EVERY purchase, the price goes higher.

But don’t worry – at the time of this writing, it’s still at a really low price. So don’t hesitate, as I know the price will go up as a lot of people will want to buy this.

Learn how to create a million dollar sales video:

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$166,000 a Year Freelancing Skill….Do You Have It?

PS Instant Expert

Did you know this?

According to, there are currently over 1,000 businesses owners right now willing to pay people just like you over $150,000 per year for ONE specific online skill (that you can learn in only about 3 hours).

Click below to see for yourself the “job” that you can be charging over $80 per hour for by the end of the week.

If you’re tired of chasing your tail trying to learn the latest IM hot method, rest assured that these skills are fairly easy to learn, and will absolutely NEVER go out of style.

I’ll give you a hint – you can even use your cell phone to do this!

Get PS Instant Expert Now!

What if You Could get 14% Sales Conversion with Cold Traffic?

vTargeter Video 1

When driving traffic, it’s pretty typical to convert 1%-2% of those clicks into buyers.

I just watched a video where a certain FREE traffic source is getting upwards of 8.24%-14% sales conversion on COLD traffic.

Insane numbers, right?

Go here to get the scoop. There is a video plus free PDF download that gives you the details of what this is all about.

Note: This free traffic source has been highly overlooked and under utilized for years, but that’s about to change as more people find out about it.

Don’t be kicking yourself in 6 months from now. See why this is the most overlooked traffic opportunity right now:

Watch How He Got 14% Conversions!

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