Jason Fladlien’s Better Than Black Friday Sale Has Started!

Better Than Black Friday Sale

Yesterday I mentioned how this year, instead of doing a Black Friday Webinar where you had to be on the webinar all day to get the good deals, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos are doing a weekend long “Better Than Black Friday Sale” where you can get great deals on products now throughout the weekend.

This is great as you can look on your own timeframe, and don’t have to spend your whole Friday waiting for the deal you were looking for. Plus now you have a lot more time to decide what you’d like!

It just started, and I wanted to share what products you’ll get great deals on:

  • WP Enlighten (1 FREE license, regularly $99.95 for a 3-site license)
  • 6 Figure Baby ($4.95, regularly $39.95)
  • Webinar Pitch Secrets ($9.95, regularly $49.95)
  • WP Secure Pro 2.0 ($29.95, regularly $49.95)
  • Content Forever ($44.95, regularly $99.95)
  • Absolute Productivity ($29.95, regularly $49.95)
  • 7 Minute Articles ($24.95, regularly $39.95)
  • Domain Clout ($1, then $49.95/mo, regularly $79.95/mo)
  • WP Squeeze Pro ($49.95, regularly $97)
  • Click Click Letters ($19.95, regularly $49.95)
  • Ecover Wizard Pro ($22.95 for 1 year, regularly $19.95/mo)
  • 6 in 6 coaching ($299.95, regularly $582)
  • Webinar Legend ($149.95, regularly $479.95)
  • WP Split Tester Pro ($29.95, regularly $99.95)
  • WP Twin ($79.95, regularly $297)
  • Double Your Productivity for Life ($19.95, regularly $39.95)
  • …and more!

These are some incredible products…and I can’t believe how low the prices are.

If you want some great deals on some really good content that you’ll learn a lot from, check it out now:

See What You Want from the Better Than Black Friday Sale!

What You Get with ScriptDoll


Dr. Ben Adkins recently released ScriptDoll, which will help you if you’re not great with writing salesletters.

And we all know that salesletters are really important in trying to sell your product.

Well he just dished on his personal resources – talk about no holds barred.

I didn’t want to waste your time. So I took a peek at it myself, and this is what you’ll find inside:

  • “Affiliate Manipulation Page” 2.0 – Bringing affiliates on board is all about knowing what to say, and (more importantly) what not to say. This will help get affiliates involved to promote your product.
  • The Trust Trojan Horse – Building hype for an upcoming launch without being pushy is difficult. With this strategy, you’ll spark the interest of potential buyers and lead them straight to the purchase.
  • The “Web 3.0″ Sales Letter – Writing sales letters isn’t like it used to be. This template blends old school methods with new age needs. Showing you how to convert buyers in current markets.
  • The “Sumo Wrestler” ASL – When you’ve got short character limits or tiny time frames to work with, getting your message out can be a real challenge. This template shows you how to get all the information across in a small space, while playing on key psychological elements that move your audience to take action.
  • “Vampire Upsell Pages” – Once you’ve got your customer in the “buying mood” you can easily boost your bottom line. Not only will this template show you how to double your initial sale, you’ll be able to tack on high ticket items.

The verdict? This is good. Real good.

Click here to secure your copy right now.

Learn More about ScriptDoll!

The Launch Bible – How Alex Jeffreys is THIS Successful

The Launch Bible

Here are questions people have been asking about Alex Jeffreys:

  • “Did people really pay $6,000 for a 2-page checklist?”
  • “Does Alex Jeffreys really make $10k+ per week?”
  • “Is this Product Launch Bible the real deal?”

I’ve got answers for you:

“Yes.” “Yes.” “Yes.”

I know Alex Jeffreys. I trust Alex Jeffreys. And I’ve done my homework on this one. So there’s no question in my mind. Not one ounce of skepticism.

Which is a remarkable thing to say – because when it comes to anything online I always want to see proof to make sure that it’s real.

Alex does prove it…over and over again. He proves it more than almost anyone in this business. If you haven’t done it yet, you’d better check it out now.

The launch is almost over.

Once it’s gone, we might never see it again at this price. So unless you’re ready to pay $6,000 to attend one of Alex’s VIP seminars – do not let this slip you by.

You’ve been warned.

Get Alex Jeffreys’ Trade Secret Now!

Time for Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos’ Better Than Black Friday Sale

Better Than Black Friday Sale

Every year Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos do a “Better Than Black Friday” sale, where they have amazing deals on a lot of their products.

It’s normally done through a long webinar that took place on Black Friday, and during the day, Jason, pitchmaster extraordinaire, would pitch you a huge bunch of his excellent, brilliant products, from training to plugins and more, and then you’d have to make a decision on the spot if you wanted the best deal.

This year it’s different.

You just go to this page below, and pick and choose exactly what you want, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 16th at 9AM Pacific!

(The best way of course is to use these insane deals to your advantage and buy ASSETS for your business – courses and software that’ll help you move forward. And if you buy from Rapid Crush, Inc. you know their stuff WORKS!)

I’m really excited, because I always want to attend the webinar every year…but since I go out shopping for part of the day, I always end up missing some of the deals. Now I have all weekend to check out what’s available (on my time!) and see what I’m interested in.

So go have some fun. Be like a little kid in a candy store. Except instead of candy, you’ll grab money-making assets for your business.

See What You Want from the Better Than Black Friday Sale!

“How to Write Salesletters That Sell” – Reed Floren’s Latest Product

How to Write Salesletters That Sell

Have you ever wanted create a #1 best selling product?

Reed Floren has had FIVE #1 best selling products in a ROW so far this year and he wants to show you his secrets to success.

In case you haven’t heard of Reed, he’s been in the Internet Marketing industry since 1999 and has spoken at live seminar in 8 different countries across 4 different continents about Internet Marketing.

Inside Reed’s new course you’ll find 1+ hour long training which is actually an excerpt from one of his $997 coaching programs…but don’t worry, you’ll only pay a fraction of the price.

You will learn:

  • What goes into a successful sales letter.
  • 21 step sales letter formula.
  • Bad words to eliminate from your sales copy.
  • How putting an “s” on the end of words can double response.
  • The 5 questions your sales copy must answer.
  • The 5 most powerful emotional hot buttons.
  • Why verbs outsell adjectives.
  • How to use sales copy transitions to help make your sales letter flow.
  • The exact steps Reed used to take a product to #1 on the Warrior Forum.
  • How to create headlines that force people to read the rest of the page!
  • How to get testimonials for a new product.
  • Proven bullet point formula for more sales.
  • Crafting a call to action that gets people to take out their credit cards.
  • …and more!

Plus, you’ll also get these great bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: 15 Minute 1-on-1 Business Accelerator Session
  • Bonus #2: Webinar – “Now That I Have Written My Sales Letter, What’s Next?”
  • Bonus #3: How to Write Sales Letters that SELL! PowerPoint Presentation (Printable PDF)
  • Bonus #4: Copywriting Mindmap
  • Bonus #5: Copywriting Checklist/Cheat Sheet
  • Bonus #6: Transcript
  • Bonus #7: Two Fill in the Blanks Sales Letter Templates

Grab your copy now, because it’s a dimesale and the price will keep rising:

Learn How to Write Salesletters that Sell Now!

Cost Savings Hero – A “No Selling” System?

Cost Savings Hero

I bet you’re asking yourself…

“What could I possibly offer businesses that was so valuable they’d be lining up to write me checks?”

It’s simple.

You make them a simple – no risk – offer that they’d crazy to refuse.

This is such a simple system to implement that you don’t need experience, a degree, marketing skills, or even a website.

Yep. That simple.

The simplicity combined with the earnings potential should convince everyone to add this income stream to your business model.

You’ve never seen anything like this before, but you’ll immediately understand how you can do it.

Check it out. I bet it’s something you’ve never seen before!

Check Out Cost Savings Hero Now!

5th Annual Black Friday Bootcamp (All About Traffic)

Black Friday BootCamp 2014

It’s that time again.

Ryan Deiss’ 5th Annual Black Friday Bootcamp is this Friday, November 28th, and this year it’s all about TRAFFIC (lots and LOTS of traffic)!

Get the details and reserve your seat right now.

When you join this years Black Friday Bootcamp, he’ll give you his 4-step traffic rollout plan.

This is the exact same plan he used to generate 524,042 unique visitors, 86,468 subscribers and over $13mm in sales.

He calls it his “Traffic Treasure Map” and he’ll walk you through it, step-by-step and show you how to use it to deploy massive traffic to your offer or service using my rollout plan.

The “Traffic Treasure Map” will work for you too!

It doesn’t matter if you already have a mature, successful business or if you’re still in “startup mode,” because once you have this “Traffic Treasure Map” you’ll be able to:

  1. Find out if your market actually wants what you’re planning to sell (before you invest a lot of time and money developing it)
  2. Locate your target market and put your message in front of them for cheap, and…
  3. SCALE your offer and maximize your profits once you know you have a winner!

Plus tons more…

This online event will be AT LEAST three hours of PURE content from him and the Digital Marketer team – and just you being there benefits charity.

Last year he raised almost $100,000 for charity and this year his goal is to donate $100,000 to the fight against childhood cancer.

He’s chosen TWO unique charities, each with an amazing mission to split the donation 50/50.

See who’s getting the money this year below.

Yes, he’s giving the full amount of each $7 sale to TWO charities which are focused on battling childhood cancer.

So skip the mall this year, make some money for a change on Black Friday and help two great charities.

This is going to be a lot of fun. See you there.

Get Your Ticket to Ryan’s Black Friday Bootcamp Now!

Get Reed Floren’s How to Write Sales Letters that Sell

How to Write Salesletters That Sell

Reed Floren just released “How to Write Salesletters that Sell!”, and if you’re trying to sell anything, you really need to get it.

This is a module from Reed’s $997 coaching program, but if you act fast you can pick it up for a whole lot less!

Reed has been marking online since 1999 and so far this year he has released FIVE #1 Best Selling products that have been awarded WSO of The Day.

Now YOU can learn his secrets.

But the price is rapidly rising so TAKE ACTION NOW!

Learn How to Write Salesletters that Sell Now!

ScriptDoll – Get Your Customers to Take Action


How do you write a great piece of copy that your customers can’t resist?

No matter what you may think, it actually has little to do with your writing skills and grammar knowledge.

Writing sales material is all about knowing people.

Knowing their buzz words, and what moves them to take action.

(So if you’ve ever misplaced a comma, or didn’t use a semi-colon, don’t sweat it.)

And getting people (especially your customers) to take action is actually much easier than you think.

You don’t need a Ph.D. in psychology or an extensive writing background.

What do you need to appeal to your audience and convert higher?

You have to acquaint yourself with your market. What lights their fire? What’s driving them insane? Where do they wish they were?

Ask yourself these questions every time before you write.

You’ll notice a huge shift in your response rates.

Want to learn more?

Learn More about ScriptDoll!

The Launch Bible – How Alex Jeffreys Makes His Money Online

The Launch Bible

Trade secrets can be priceless.

Let’s take Coca-Cola. It’s a $187 billion company. The vast majority of that value comes from a single product, with a TOP SECRET recipe.

Only a handful of people know it. And the formula itself is locked away in a high security vault near Coke headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why am I telling you this?

Because today one of the most valuable secrets in marketing will fall into your hands.

This secret is a checklist that top Internet marketer Alex Jeffreys uses to earn 7+ figures of passive income per year. A recipe his students recently paid $6,000 to unlock, even though it fits on only 2 pages of letter size paper.

When they saw the contents for the first time (at an exclusive “closed doors” private event), the entire room went dead silent.

Minutes later, they couldn’t stop talking. It was crazy.

Now this Product Launch Bible is being released into the wild.

But only for a few days, and only for a few people. After that, it goes back into the vault – where you can’t touch it.

So check it out while you still can:

Get Alex Jeffreys’ Trade Secret Now!

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