Easy Video Solutions – This is How to Hypnotize Your Viewers

If you use video in your marketing you are gonna absolutely love this.

John Thornhill and Omar Martin are doing another weekend blow out launch starting this Friday for a product called Easy Video Solutions.

You’re sure to start seeing a metric ton of posts and emails about it soon enough.

But…check this out, I’m actually one of their affiliates and I’ve gotten an early access link that I can share.

There is sure to be a bottle neck at the order button on Friday morning so it would be wise to watch their video now.

Easy Video Solutions has something that many other programs don’t.

You can have the prettiest graphics and the nicest looking video but if you don’t know how to PROPERLY craft the sales message to for the specific TYPE of product and the precise audience…well you’re wasting your time.

These guys are providing you the video tools you need to make some awesome looking videos, plus the tutorials on
how they use their iPhones to create killer videos too, BUT…

Most importantly, they are hooking you up with the VIDEO SALES COPY that you can use to MAKE people buy your products.

Get in early cause this is gonna be nuts!

Get Easy Video Solutions Now!

Traffic and Leads Training Academy – Here’s How to Quickly Get More Customers and Leads

Traffic and Leads Training Academy

Time is running out for Jeff Johnson’s Traffic and Leads Training Academy, so I wanted to list everything out as to what you’ll get when you join.

As you’ll see, you’ll get an insane amount of traffic-getting, list building, and “get more customers” training as part of your regular Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ membership.

Plus you get a ton of cool free stuff as part of Jeff’s grand opening sale.

However, it all ends tomorrow (or sooner depending on when you read this post.)

So I thought I’d post “quick recap” of everything you get when you join Jeff’s Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ before his sale ends tomorrow (or sooner).

Here Are Your “Get Results, Fast!” Training Modules:

  • Module 1: Traffic-Getting and List Building Quick Start
  • Module 2: SEO Supercharged Traffic-Getting Blogs
  • Module 3: Turning Traffic Into Leads!
  • Module 4: The Right Way To Leverage The Viral Marketing Power Of Social Media To Build Your Brand, Your List, And Your Business.
  • Module 5: YouTube Marketing Master Class
  • Module 6: Dirt-Cheap Traffic That Converts Into Leads And Customers…For As Little As A Penny Per Click!
  • Module 7: Turning Leads Into Money!

Plus Your Additional Bonus Training Modules and Courses:

  • Module 8: How To Write Million Dollar Copy That Converts Traffic Into Leads, and Leads Into Money!

If that wasn’t enough, here are more that were just added.

These bonus training modules are so new that Jeff hasn’t had the time to add descriptions for them to the sales letter yet, he’ll try to before they close, but either way… he’ll be sure to hook you up with them a part
of your membership when you join before they close tomorrow (or sooner).

  • Module 9: eCommerce SEO For Amazon, eBay, Websites And Blogs
  • Module 10: Creating Your Very Own Info-Products The Quick And Easy Way.
  • Module 11: How to Create A Product Launch Feeding-Frenzy!

On top of all of your step-by-step training…

You also get dozens of PDF cheat sheets, action plans, swipe files, and “fill in the blank” templates to make your job even easier, and much, much faster!

But that’s not all…

When you join during their Grand Opening Sale, you’ll also get…

Grand Opening Bonus Package:

    1. You get Upgraded to Lifetime Access* to the Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ Private Membership Site.
    2. You get Upgraded to Lifetime Access* for the “Personal-Expert” Support Forums inside Traffic And Leads Training Academy™
    3. Free Lifetime Access* To Jeff’s Tube Traffic Secrets™ 2.0 Training Program. (People are currently paying $1,191.00 to join TTS 2.0, but you don’t have to, he’ll flat-out give it to you for free as part of this special offer)
    4. Free copy of Camtasia Studio 8* (or the Mac version, your choice) (Camtasia sells everywhere including Amazon.com for $299.00, but he’ll buy you a copy as part of your membership and this special offer)
    5. $500.00 Discount off their regular price (special introductory pricing.)
    6. Free Ticket to the Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ Live Event (Tickets will be sold later for $1,997.00)

Total Grand Opening Bonus Package = $7,987.00

The way I see it you have two choices:

You can either choose to do nothing, in which case you’ll miss out on what will easily be one of the best training programs you’ll ever have the chance to join…especially at this cheap of a price.

And you can simply continue doing whatever it is you are currently doing to get more traffic, more leads, and more customers.

Or you can choose to take advantage of this insanely generous offer before the grand opening sale ends tomorrow (or sooner), and…

Jeff will hook you up with everything we talked about here plus so much more that you won’t be sorry for joining – Jeff guarantees it!

You get all of it and more for as little as $397 today.

So if you’d like to learn dozens of new ways to get more traffic, more leads, and more customers, then you had better hurry and grab your seat right now, while you still can because the grand opening sale ends tomorrow, or sooner.

Join the Traffic and Leads Training Academy Now!

Weblify – Get 88% Off the Only Traffic Tool with 4 Years of Results


What if the best traffic tool that’s been established for years at $297 on webinars only became available on a launch for 88% off?

You’d probably want to run and get it before the sale was over, right?

Well now is your chance.

You need to see how this tool has changed a lot of lives!

They have 4 years of proof from everyone from newbies to pros that not only does this software work with the tons of improvements and upgrades but the results are even easier to get.

You’d almost be crazy if you didn’t see this.

More than likely you may have seen this software on a webinar for $297 or even $497 but right now on this launch only it’s being offered for 88% off but when this launch is over it’s going back to $297 on webinars.

In other words, make sure that you don’t miss this.

This is one of the offers where you’ll never wonder if you made a bad decision, but you’ll question yourself forever if you don’t get it.

Weblify is the only SEO traffic tool that:

  • Builds drag & drop silo sites with pure customization.
  • Instantly monetizes your site.
  • Allows you to spin or put in your own articles.
  • Clones and back up your sites 100% customized with the themes & plugins you love.
  • …and so much more!

Don’t miss out on the price. It’s currently 88% off:

Get Weblify Now!

Looking for Video Marketing PLR?

Video Marketing Business in a Box PLR

The $10,000 “Video Marketing Business in a Box” Monster PLR is live!

You can put your name on the newest high quality “Video Marketing Business in a Box” Monster PLR, which is especially designed to make you money week after week on autopilot.

You’ll also get private label rights to this high quality step by step training. It has all the sales material you need to start cashing in huge, selling it as your own product within hours from now.

Act now before your competitors do!

Millions of businesses and independent professionals and thousands of marketers need this training ASAP!

What’s makes this the Perfect PLR Product?

1. It’s Completely New
2. 100% Unique & Latest Content on the Topic
3. Hot and Evergreen Niche
4. Proven and Step-by-Step Training
5. High-Converting Sales Copies & Sales Pages
6. Complete Sales Funnel
7. Killer Graphics
8. Attractive Bonuses
9. High Quality “Live” Installation Video Training
10. Accessible Cost
11. Limited Copies
12. Excellent Support

Here you see the complete set of powerful marketing tools with which you will be able make as much money as you want with one of the hosting topics ever over the web. This excellent Video Marketing Training comes with full PLR to:

  • Module #1: Training Guide (Valued at $720)
  • Module #2: Cheat Sheet (Valued at $20)
  • Module #3: Mind Map (Valued at $40)
  • Module #4: Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)
  • Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)
  • Module #6: 5 Professional Minisites (Valued at $160)
  • Module #7: Doodle Style Sales Video (Valued at $80)
  • Module #8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates (Valued at $20)
  • Module #9: Complete set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)
  • Module #10: Complete set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $240)

You will also get high quality video training that will show you the 3 easy steps you need to apply to start making great money with this today:

Step 1: Download
Step 2: Edit
Step 3: Upload

Here I’m talking about a detailed 140+ minutes “live” video training that will show you every single step you need to apply to set up your killer sales funnel in the shortest time possible using businesses in a box as a live example.

This type of launch always brings great surprises for the first takers, so I advise you to take action right away and get access to this offer using the link below.

Get Video Marketing Business in a Box with PLR Now!

How to Double your Sales

Do you have your own product or services that you want to sell more of?

If so, make sure you sign up for this FREE webinar.

For the past 3 months, Jason Drohn has been doing NOTHING but working with paid traffic, building lists and writing sales copy, in different niches.

He’s been selling a TON of stuff, in niches from health and fitness to relationships to photography.

But he needs to find new products to promote.

He’s hoping that by showing you his process, he can figure out a way to blow your sales up.

In the 2X webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to set up a profitable Facebook campaign, step by step, so you don’t end up wasting a bunch of money on ads.
  • The #1 simple trick that’ll blow up your email lists (we’re talking hundreds of new subscribers a day!)
  • How to easily set up Facebook retargeting so your ads show up to people who are already familiar with your product!
  • How to write sales copy that converts cold traffic.
  • …And so much more!

There won’t be anything for sale on this webinar. It’s all content and training and Q&A!

Make sure you register now:

Sign up for the Free Training Webinar Now!

Covert Video Press 2.0 – Want a Theme to Make Your Site Look like YouTube?

Back in 2012, the IM Wealth Builders launched their amazing Covert Video Press WP theme…and since then thousands of happy customers have used it to generate amazing results.

For the next 3 days they have knocked the price back down to the original early bird launch special (originally only available during the first 24 hours).

And not only that…you will get the brand new 2.0 version updated for 2014 and beyond.

If you don’t own the Covert Video Press theme yet, now is the time to take action and secure you copy.

What’s Covert Video Press 2.0 all about?

Online video is super hot right now – and YouTube is of course by the biggest video site out there (in fact it’s the 3rd most visited website in the world!)

Millions of users have already been “trained” to use Youtube in a certain way – Many of them have become outright addicted to it.

So by using this new “Covert Video Press” theme you are tapping into all that buzz – and it will really give your blog a boost.

People are much more likely to spend more time on our site, notice your ads and click on your links.

And perhaps more importantly – your social sharing stats and traffic will go through the roof as people like and comment on your videos.

There are a few other tube themes out there. But the best one (second best now), doesn’t even come close to
doing what Covert VideoPress does.

And yet they will still charge you big bucks for a single site license.

Covert Video Press is not only superior, you will also get unlimited multi-site and developer’s license include at no extra cost!

Remember that the new Covert Video Press 2.0 theme is available at a discount right now and it’s still dirt cheap.

However the special re-launch discount is only available for 3 days.

When the count down timer on the page hits zero, this deal will be gone forever.

I recommend that you check it out now – it’s really good – and you’ll want to get in before the price goes up!

Get Covert Video Press 2.0 Now!

WSO: Make $500 in 24 Hours!

Clarke Hanna - Make $500 in Just 24 Hours

If you need to make money now…and can’t wait weeks or months for your business to take off, you need to see the WSO (Warrior Special Offer) that Clarke Hanna released.

It’s called “Make $500 in Just 24 Hours”, and in it he’ll give you a simple blueprint that you can use to make$500 in just 24 hours, even if you’re completely new.

While he doesn’t tell you exactly how you’ll do it, he says that the method revolves around “product creation”, but isn’t 100% product creation.

He’s added a cool twist to make it easy to implement and profit from, so that you can see profits really fast.

He shows proof on the page, so you can see that he’s done it himself.

You won’t need huge start up costs to get going…and it’s completely scalable.

The easy to read PDF report will help you generate $500 by tomorrow, and results are guaranteed.

In other words, if in 24 hours you don’t turn a profit, email him, and he’ll gladly refund your money.

You can’t really ask for more than that!

The price is really low too…so you have no reason to hold off anymore.

Find out how you can make $500 by tomorrow!

Learn How You Can Make $500 in 24 Hours!

Sales Automation Engine Plugin – 20 Ready to Launch Sales Funnels

Sales Automation Engine

If you have not gotten your copy of Sales Automation Engine already, you need to take a look at this amazing software and save yourself a copy today.

This is one such crazy piece of software (and very unique) that lets you setup 20 sales funnels for generating leads and commissions on complete autopilot.

Over 1200 customers have bought this so far and sales are still pouring in.

But…the special 70% off discount expires at midnight.

You need something that will:

  • Help you BUILD LISTS.
  • Help you SELL PRODUCTS

Sales Automation Engine is your SOLUTION.

This comes PRE-LOADED with 20 ready to launch sales funnels with PLR products that are already added.

It’s perfect for any Internet Marketer.

Watch the demo video to see it in action.

It funnels your leads into various offers so you can make instant cash by earning commissions from the leads.

Imagine owning a sales funnel in the dating niche, the Forex niche, the work from home niche, credit repair, SEO, and more. Squeeze pages and products, and a complete funnel for the most lucrative niches out there!

For a limited period of time, its available for a crazy discount.

The sooner you get there, the lower the price, its as simple as that.

What you get inside the plugin:

  • High converting pre-loaded squeeze page to build your list fast.
  • Free giveaway reports on a HOT topic.
  • Built-in autoresponder system that saves you monthly fees.

And you can add your name to all of the above 20 PLR products.

It’s all done for you, and is ready to launch in less than 10 minutes.

It’s something that you would pay hundreds, or even thousands to have someone set up for you.

Do not miss out on this amazing deal – after it’s over, the price will double.

Make sure you get your unlimited sites license today.

The cost of getting these 20 PLR products and funnels done on your own would come to about $4000. Right now you can get it for less than 1% of that cost:

Get the Sales Automation Engine Now!

Traffic and Leads Academy – Here’s How to Quickly Get New Customers

Traffic and Leads Training Academy

If you need more traffic, more leads, or more customers, then I’ve got some great news for you.

Jeff Johnson just added two new bonuses that should make this a really easy decision for you.

Your first new bonus offer is your very own personal “Get More Leads” video review.

Jeff and his team of list building experts will place your website or blog under a microscope” and tell you EXACTLY what you are doing wrong, and EXACTLY what you need to do to fix it.

They’ll even capture the entire thing on video so you can review it over and over again.

By the time he’s done with you, you’ll know exactly what to do, and which steps to take next in order to build your very own “Perpetual Traffic and Leads Machine” that runs on autopilot and cranks out red hot leads and ready-to-buy customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your machine never stops working for you.

Your second new bonus offer is your personal “Get More Traffic” audit.

Here’s how it works:

You tell Jeff what you are currently doing to drive traffic into your lead funnel, and he’ll tell you exactly which of the proven traffic sources that he covers in his Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ are the ones you’re still missing out on, and then he’ll tell you what you can do to see an immediate surge in traffic to
your lead funnel so you can convert that new traffic into leads, and your new leads into money!

Here’s how to claim both of your new bonuses:

It’s all part of Jeff’s completely over-the-top, totally insane Love It or It’s Free…Triple Guarantee!

Which means, you can get all of his secrets for free if you really wanted to.

To celebrate the grand opening of Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ he’s also offering an insanely valuable grand opening bonus package that’s worth a very real $7,987.00 value.

He’s going all out to make this a very easy decision for you to join right now and take advantage of this very limited time opportunity.

You get all of it and more for as little as $397 today.

Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ is an absolute bargain!

So if you want more traffic, more leads, and more customers, check this out, you won’t be sorry.

You are going to freak out when you see what you get!

Make sure you know that this deal is only available for a very, very limited time.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. It will never be repeated.

I’d really hate to see you miss out on such an incredibly valuable offer and what will easily be the best traffic-getting and list building training program for years to come. It really is that good.

And it’s all backed by Jeff’s “Love It Or It’s Free…Triple Guarantee!”

Check it out right now…What do you have to lose, other than missing out on the insanely valuable grand opening bonus package and tons of new traffic, new leads, and new customers if you don’t join right now!

Join the Traffic and Leads Training Academy Now!

CPA Evolution – Is CPA the Easiest Way to Make Money Online?

CPA Evolution

William Souza is sharing the secret behind the 99% of people who never make a dime with CPA marketing, and the 1% who make a complete living, $5,000 – $10,000 or more, all from nearly autopilot CPA commissions.

Not only does William reveal the difference, he’s handing that power to you today.

All of the barriers in your way will be completely eliminated.

After you click this link, you’ll have no excuse not to finally profit in CPA.

Why would you want to learn about CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is:

  • The fastest way to profit on your own.
  • Barrier free – None of the other hurdles other marketing methods are used with this.
  • Reliable – it’s worked for decades and will keep working.
  • …and so much more!

Learn more about CPA Evolution below:

Get CPA Evolution Now!

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