Get Reed Floren’s How to Write Sales Letters that Sell

How to Write Salesletters That Sell

Reed Floren just released “How to Write Salesletters that Sell!”, and if you’re trying to sell anything, you really need to get it.

This is a module from Reed’s $997 coaching program, but if you act fast you can pick it up for a whole lot less!

Reed has been marking online since 1999 and so far this year he has released FIVE #1 Best Selling products that have been awarded WSO of The Day.

Now YOU can learn his secrets.

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ScriptDoll – Get Your Customers to Take Action


How do you write a great piece of copy that your customers can’t resist?

No matter what you may think, it actually has little to do with your writing skills and grammar knowledge.

Writing sales material is all about knowing people.

Knowing their buzz words, and what moves them to take action.

(So if you’ve ever misplaced a comma, or didn’t use a semi-colon, don’t sweat it.)

And getting people (especially your customers) to take action is actually much easier than you think.

You don’t need a Ph.D. in psychology or an extensive writing background.

What do you need to appeal to your audience and convert higher?

You have to acquaint yourself with your market. What lights their fire? What’s driving them insane? Where do they wish they were?

Ask yourself these questions every time before you write.

You’ll notice a huge shift in your response rates.

Want to learn more?

Learn More about ScriptDoll!

The Launch Bible – How Alex Jeffreys Makes His Money Online

The Launch Bible

Trade secrets can be priceless.

Let’s take Coca-Cola. It’s a $187 billion company. The vast majority of that value comes from a single product, with a TOP SECRET recipe.

Only a handful of people know it. And the formula itself is locked away in a high security vault near Coke headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why am I telling you this?

Because today one of the most valuable secrets in marketing will fall into your hands.

This secret is a checklist that top Internet marketer Alex Jeffreys uses to earn 7+ figures of passive income per year. A recipe his students recently paid $6,000 to unlock, even though it fits on only 2 pages of letter size paper.

When they saw the contents for the first time (at an exclusive “closed doors” private event), the entire room went dead silent.

Minutes later, they couldn’t stop talking. It was crazy.

Now this Product Launch Bible is being released into the wild.

But only for a few days, and only for a few people. After that, it goes back into the vault – where you can’t touch it.

So check it out while you still can:

Get Alex Jeffreys’ Trade Secret Now!

ClickBank University – Become one of the ClickBank Millionaires

They don’t draw attention to themselves. They don’t brag about their achievements. And they look just like you and me.

Yet they’re millionaires.

And they’re not stress-filled CEOs. They didn’t inherit a bunch of cash. And they certainly didn’t win the lottery.

They built their wealth on ClickBank–the world’s leading digital marketplace.

How did they do it exactly?

It’s actually easier than ever.

If you click on the link below, you can learn about some of them.

There’s Melanie with her meditation business.

Ron who generated millions of dollars selling recipes.

And John with his fitness program. He’s now one of the most sought-after fitness experts online.

It all started for them because they tapped into the power of ClickBank.

When you have thousands of folks all ready and waiting to promote YOUR product, it makes building a business online a heck of a lot easier.

Yet, there are certain strategies, tactics and secrets only the ClickBank “power users” know about.

Now, for the first time, ClickBank themselves are revealing all.

Let Justin and Adam take you behind the scenes at ClickBank to show you how to harness the tremendous power of digital products and a built-in affiliate army.

Join ClickBank University Now!

Get 5 Complete Courses with PLR!

PLR Firesale

Eric Holmlund, Paul Counts, and Jeff Wellman are three very well known Internet Marketers.

Now through November 22nd, they’re having an awesome PLR firesale where you can get >FIVE< complete courses for one low price.

The last time they released a set of 5 PLR products in one package like this it sold out, and it was priced $160 higher!

For the next 4 days only you can pick this huge offer up at a steep discount!

Eric, Jeff, and Paul have a reputation in the industry for creating some of the best PLR products around, and they certainly did not disappoint with this offer. Their products have sold millions of dollars online.

In fact Paul has been hired by a best selling author, professional athlete, and legends of Internet marketing to create their products.

Here are the courses you’ll get PLR to:

  • Cutting Edge SEO Mastery
  • Membership Income Secrets
  • Niche Marketing Success Secrets
  • Tee Profit Pro
  • WP Online Store
  • PLUS multiple bonuses!

You can learn a lot more at the link below. On that page is a short video, but if you’re like me and prefer to read what you’ll get, just type in another URL afterwards, and you’ll get a box asking if you really want to leave, or if you want to stay on the page.

Say you want to stay on the page, and you’ll be brought to a real salesletter where you can read exactly what you’ll get with your purchase.

I was really surprised at how low the price was considering how much you’re getting.

It isn’t going to be around much longer, so check it out now:

Check Out the PLR Firesale Now!

Free Webinar: Get People to Take Action Based on Your Copy

ScriptDoll Webinar

How do you write a great piece of copy that your customers can’t resist?

Writing great sales material is all about knowing people – their buzzwords, and what moves them to take action.

You’re only 6 steps away from easily getting people (i.e. your customers) to take action.

You don’t need a Ph.D. in psychology. Or an extensive writing background.

What you do need is the 6 “magical” puzzle pieces that you’ve already got at your disposal. All you need is someone with experience to point you in the right direction.

So to do that, I’ve gone ahead and secured your invitation to a live call this Thursday (November 20th) at 2pm EST.

Your host? Dr. Ben Adkins – an absolutely whiz at getting inside the minds of his audience and persuading them to take action.

He wants to expose you to:

  • The Online “Power Puzzle” – He’s revealing the secret that all 7-figure business owners have learned (usually the hard way, because less than 1% of online marketers understand and use this method effectively.) This is what will allow you to achieve “online mind control.”
  • The 6 “Magical” Puzzle Pieces – You’ve got a powerful set of 6 tools at your disposal as we speak. He’ll show you how to exploit them to build your business, no matter what products you sell online.
  • The Turning Point Equation – You’ve got the tools, software and all the training money can buy, but there’s one thing missing. And if you don’t know how to manipulate the way he’s about to show you, well, you’ll be struggling to achieve true financial success.

If you’re ready to find out what these 6 “magical” steps are, click below to reserve your FREE spot.

So if you want to find out how 7-figure marketers are getting inside the minds of their audience, and persuading them to take action – the only way to do so is by clicking here and reserving your spot.

Keep in mind: there will be no replay. This is a one-time deal. And he has only limited spots open – he’s keeping it small to make sure he’s able to answer questions as he goes.

So click right here to reserve your spot now before it fills up (it’s completely FREE!)

Sign up for the Free Webinar Now!

Sticky Content Training on Sale – Learn How to Use and Reuse All of Your Content

Sticky Content On Sale

I have a great deal to tell you about.

CoachGlue has been selling Sticky Content Training for $97, but because they’re going to retire it soon, you can use code USECONTENT to get the course for just $17.

I had to take a second look at it too, but really…they’re not selling it for $17 off, but for $17 TOTAL!

The catch? It’s going to be retired on Thursday, so you only have until Wednesday to get it.

What will you learn?

This course is all about how you can use and reuse all of your content. It’s how you can get a lot more out of the content you’ve already created, saving you time and money.

This will work with either content that you’ve created, or PLR content that you’ve purchased, so you have no reason to say that you don’t have any content to work with.

You’ll get:
21 Ways to Recycle Your Content:

  • 6 ways to make more money from your content.
  • 4 quick and easy ways to grow your income.
  • 11 ideas to change up your existing content.

17 Short Training Videos:

  • Write an Amazon book without writing more content.
  • Grow your list with existing content.
  • Reuse your emails.
  • Grow your social media fan base with your existing content.
  • Create products quickly.
  • …and more!


  • Video: How Melissa trains her team in a day by using content already sitting on her computer.
  • Report: How Nicole whipped out 9 videos in 1 day that answered her customers’ biggest questions.
  • Report: How to format your Kindle book in minutes.
  • Report: 30 ways to come up with new topic ideas.
  • Report: 30 types of content you can publish online.

Sticky Content training will really help you recycle your content so that you’ll save time, money, and have a lot more products, books, blog posts, and more.

Now through Wednesday night, using code USECONTENT you can get it for just $17. Don’t miss out on this!

Get Sticky Content Training Now!

Why NOW is the Time To Join Earn1KaDay!

Earn1KaDay - Fixed Term

I’ve found that being part of different communities can really help.

Not only do you get whatever the membership site offers, but you also can talk to people within the site, and I’ve learned a lot from the people within the communities I’ve been a part of.

I’ve been a member of Dennis Becker’s Earn1KaDay membership site for quite a few years now. Each and every month I paid a monthly payment to be a part of it…but no more!

Dennis has just made Earn1KaDay a fixed term membership site! That means you pay for a certain number of months, and then you never have to pay again.

You’ll still get access to everything, and you’ll still get all of the great stuff that he adds to the site each month. I can’t tell you how excited I am about it.

I thought it was worth it before, but now it’s even better.

Here are just a few things that you get with your Earn1KaDay membership:

  • The forum, which has a lot of really helpful people who will help you with any questions you have.
  • NEW: Dennis just added Daily Seminar sessions (165 of them!) which people were paying $47/month for 13 months to access.
  • All of his current books (worth over $600)
  • 6 in 6 coaching (available for $97/month elsewhere)
  • Becker’s Notes for the 6 in 6 coaching (Notes that Dennis took while listening to each coaching call.)
  • The Video PLR Vault
  • Coaching courses from Sean Mize, Eric Louviere, and others
  • Over 1,000 other products an courses that are in the members download area, with new ones added every week.
  • …and so much more!

I love that you get access to Dennis and so many other great Internet Marketers who really want to help you. I also love all of the content that is included. You don’t have to spend money buying other courses, because seriously…there is SO much in here that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

If you go to the site below, you’ll see a lot more of what’s included, and I think you’ll be surprised!

Dennis has come out and said he’s not sure yet if it will stay this way, or if he’ll go back to a monthly membership site format. So please don’t miss out…and take advantage of this while you can!

Join Earn1KaDay Now!

John Thornhill’s Product Creation Class – Check it Out

John Thornhill - Product Creation Workshop

If you have followed Internet Marketing for any length of time you will be aware that one great way to generate an online income is to create and sell your own digital information products.

If you are interested in learning how to build your own information product business then I have something that I think you should take a serious look at.

John Thornhill is hosting a Product Creation Workshop, where he’ll teach you how to create your own product.

This is a completely new approach to teaching product creation and marketing, in fact as you will see it is a bit of an experiment but it comes from someone who has generated over 5 million in online sales and has been doing this for over 10 years.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Module 1: Theory Training
  • Module 2: Niche Selection & Sourcing
  • Module 3: Product/Sales Funnel Creation
  • Module 4: Sales Page Creation
  • Module 5: The Members Area
  • Module 6: The Rest of Your Site
  • Module 7: Launching Your Product
  • Module 8: Live Q&A

Since everything will be recorded, you can watch (and re-watch) it anytime you want.

What I really loved is that John says that you won’t be left to do this on your own. He wants to make sure you’re going in the right direction and you’ll get support from him if you should need it.

Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Join John Thornhill for his Product Creation Workshop!

Video Essence – Build 5 Figure a Month SEO Sites on Autopilot

Videos are practically the fastest way to rank on the first page of Google for ANY keyword.

They’re the Google secret backdoor to fast traffic!

It gets even BETTER…

There’s now a push button software called Video Essence that allows you to automatically build these profitable mega video sites in minutes. These are video sites that rank on the first page of Google for 100s of keywords and bring in a LOT of traffic in under a week.

The truth is video has become the cornerstone of marketing to engage with your audience for maximum results and Google is using every last megabyte left in their servers to bankroll this revolution.

Crazy, right?

They’ve made it so easy that any average person without any real SEO knowledge can just set up a mini video site today and get ranked the next day.

But it’s easily understandable why Google is giving their all to promoting videos – they own Youtube which is a big money maker for them.

Now with Video Essence, you can put all of this on automation, and build 5 figure a month video SEO sites – sites that can bring in over $10k like clockwork every month.

The best part? You don’t ever have to create or record a single video!

At the link below, you can see Video Essence in action.

Here’s just a fraction of what it can do:

  • Build a mega authority video site in minutes.
  • Unseen intelligent video curation technology supplies your site with UNLIMITED fresh content and SEO optimization.
  • Get fast Google rankings without any work: Inbuilt Video XML Sitemap & fully preloaded SEO options.
  • Top-of-the-line custom branded HD video player with tons of features.
  • Easy to use video engagement & conversion modules such as video ad serving, lead capture and more.
  • Fully furnished with the classy & elegant Video Essence theme that makes your site look great.
  • 100% mobile responsive

And everything is PUSH BUTTON automated.

If you build SEO niche sites – stop struggling with outdated tools and strategies that doesn’t work. Download this brand new all-in-one video site builder to create your own profitable video niche sites and start making money with SEO rankings like a super affiliate.

This will change everything for you:

Get Video Essence Now!

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