Questions about Inbox Blueprint? Get Your Questions Answered Today!

This is just a quick note to let you know that Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint is closing tonight.

I also wanted to let you know that Anik is having a mega Q&A hangout today. It’s going to be 8 hours long, and you can get any last minute questions you have answered there!

The hangout starts at 4pm today, and lasts until midnight!

Anik will be there, and he’ll also have all of his expert coaches there answering any questions you have about Inbox Blueprint, Launchpad, or about starting your own business.

I hope by now you’ve seen how incomparable new Launchpad technology can be, and how it can help you launch your business in under 60 minutes.

You’ve also hopefully learned what the amazing Inbox Blueprint System and all of the bonuses can do for your leads, sales and long-term success.

Now, today’s your last opportunity to make this important decision…

Then the doors close for good.

If you’re truly serious about starting your own business, THIS is THE opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Get Your Questions Answered about Inbox Blueprint Now!

48 Hours Only: Watch All of Inbox Blueprint’s Webinar Replays

Anik Singal really wants to help people.

That’s why after getting tens of thousands of people on his 3 webinars, he wants to give you one more chance in case you missed some of them.

So for the next 48 hours only, you’ll get full access to the replays of all three of his recent Income Workshop webinars.

He’s putting out 13 years of his most proven secrets for the entire weekend. No cost, no strings. It’s all yours.

Here’s what you’ve missed – but still have the chance to catch up on:

  • Ready to start a business NOW? Webinar 1 is all about launching your real email business in less than 60 minutes! This technology that Anik invested nearly a quarter million dollars and a year of his life perfecting enables ANYONE to create a profitable business fast.
  • Want the 4 ways to earn a living using nothing but email? Webinar 2 reveals today’s 4 fastest ways to get leads, sales and profits by tapping into the $2.47B market email market.
  • Follow the steps to 2 million dollars a year. In his third and final webinar, Anik pulls back the curtain and shares how he makes between 2 and 3 million a year WITHOUT a product and without buying media and traffic.

Remember, all 3 webinar replays will go away Sunday night. So make the most of your weekend!

Go, Go, Go… Watch, Watch, Watch.

Watch the Webinars Now!

Membersite Live Closes Tonight – Get Your Membership Site up and Running!

MemberSite Live

Last week, Ron Douglas and Alice Seba opened up their new program, “Member Site Live”.

If you wanted to know how to set up a money making membership site, not only will they tell you how, but they’ll show you how!

And don’t forget, they’ll even set up your site for you if you don’t want to deal with all of the technical stuff.

Here are just a few reasons you should register:

  • You’ll get live, step-by-step training sessions that take you through the whole process – coming up with lucrative membership site ideas, launching the site, and keeping your income consistent.
  • Learn from two marketers with over 20 years of experience running membership sites.
  • Watch Ron and Alice build and launch a membership site from scratch. This stuff is the real deal, and you’ll see it firsthand, each step of the way.
  • Create residual income streams so that you can enjoy working online and worry less about money!

If any of the above appeal to you, make sure you get in before it’s too late!

Plus, if you get it from my link below, you’ll also get a really cool bonus.

You’ll get a $100 voucher for PLR! This is a great way to get started with content for your site. But you’ll only get it at the link below.

Classes start tomorrow, and I’d hate for you to miss this!

Get all of the details and register here!

MemberSite Live is now Open!

MemberSite Live

Ron Douglas and Alice Seba have just opened their new program, “Member Site Live”.

They have over 20 years of membership site experience between the two of them, so they are the people you should listen to if you want to have your own membership site.

Their step-by-step training program involves creating simple membership sites.

They will help you choose the best idea for your membership site. Their training also offers a live look where Ron will build and promote a simple membership site from scratch.

This should really help since you’ll see exactly what he does and how he does it!

This is something they’ll put together right in front of you. It’ll be great to see!

If you still aren’t comfortable with the tech (and I promise, it’s not that hard), Ron and Alice will even set up your membership for you.

Grab a spot in “Member Site Live” now if:

  • You are ready to make serious money online.
  • You want residual income, so you have more time for the important things in life.
  • You want to learn a proven method and actually see the creation of a successful membership site, instead of just seeing it in text where you’re not even sure if it works or not.
  • You don’t want to deal with complicated technology to set up your membership site (Ron and Alice will even set your site up for you, if you’d like!)

Forget working so hard all the time. Work smart and get yourself in on this training. As you can imagine, with live training, spaces are limited, so grab one while you still can.

Plus, if you get it from my link below, you’ll also get a really cool bonus.

You’ll get a $100 voucher for PLR! This is a great way to get started with content for your site. But you’ll only get it at the link below:

Get all of the details and register here!

Want PLR eBooks, Mp3s, Graphics, and More Monthly?

PLR Bandit

It can be difficult to create your own product.

Not only do you need to have the knowledge, but you need to have all of the time to put into it also!

So if you want a great shortcut, I’m sure you know you can use PLR (Private Label Rights) products.

The problem with PLR?

You never know if it’s going to be any good or not.

And how “helpful” is PLR if you have to spend hours and hours re-writing it to make it sound good?

That’s why PLR Bandit is so great.

Each month, you’ll get quality PLR written by people from North America who speak English as their first language. So you know that it’s high quality, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Here’s what you’ll get with PLR Bandit:

  • eBooks
  • Graphics
  • Mp3 Audios
  • Video Courses
  • Software

When you buy PLR from different sources, you always need to worry if it’s going to be any good.

But with PLR Bandit, you know each month you’ll be getting high quality PLR that you can put to good use, making you money.

If you’re looking for a great source of PLR, check it out!

Join PLR Bandit Now!

This ONE Word can Double Your Sales?

Ray Edwards - One Word Doubles Sales

Ray Edwards is the highest paid direct response copywriter online. He gets $150,000 non-refundable, cash retainer, up front…plus a percentage of sales!

…and he has a WAITING LIST for that deal.

Here’s the thing though.

He’s giving away all of his best sales copy secrets.

So far, he’s given away:

  • A free ebook entitled, “The $2 Billion Sales Letter You Never Heard Of”.
  • A teaching video called “How to Sell Anything to Anyone”.
  • A second video called “Steal This Email Sequence Generates Sales Every Time”, which included templates and a tutorial.
  • He’s got a third video that he’s working on, and will release soon…

Today? He’s giving away a short and powerful ebook.

It’s called, “The ONE word that doubles your sales.”

It’s really one word.

I don’t know about you, but I want to know what that one word is!

This short book can change everything for you.
It can make every sales piece (emails, ads, videos, podcasts, and of course sales letters) twice as effective.

And no…it’s not I, Free, or some other simple word like that.

Do you want to know what the one word is? I know I do, and will be getting the ebook just as soon as I finish typing this post!

Click below to get the ebook now:

Learn the ONE word that Doubles Sales Now!

Did You Miss the 2016 Funnel Hacking Live Event? Get the Notes!

2016 Funnel Hacking Live Notes

Did you miss out on Russell Brunson’s Funnel Hacking Live event last week?

If so, don’t worry. You can still learn all of the great things that were discussed, and you won’t have to pay for travel or anything!

Tim Castleman was at the event, and his group took notes just like they did for the 2016 Traffic & Conversion Summit.

So you can get them for a GREAT price.

Here are the different sessions that took place, and that you’ll get notes about:

  • Session 1: Expert Secrets
  • Session 2: The Funnels
  • Session 3: The Opportunity
  • Session 4: Personal Transformation
  • Session 5: The 3 P’s – People, Process, Product

As a bonus, you’ll even get the 2015 Funnel Hacking Live event notes, as well as a live Funnel Hacks training webinar, where he’ll stay on the call until all of your questions are answered!

Here are just a few things you’ll learn:

  • 5 very specific funnels including “The Expert Maker.” This funnel will almost instantly build your platform, give you an audience and setup / preframe all future funnels.
  • Discover how Liz Benny created her first information product, launched a webinar, built a following, and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in just 1 year.
  • How to earn an extra 6 figures this year as a “certified funnel consultant”.
  • Marcus Lemonis reveals the number one fail factor that plagues unsuccessful businesses – and how to guarantee you avoid it while you build your own 6-7 figure business.

You didn’t make it to the event…but why miss out on all that was shared?

Get the 2016 Funnel Hacking Live event notes for just a fraction of the price of going to the event yourself!

Get the 2016 Funnel Hacking Live Notes Now!

Get Your Audience to Engage with Mints App 2.0


Mints App 2.0 was just released, and right now you can get an 80% discount on it!

Mints App 2.0 allows you to build smart, automated & self-optimising customer-driven funnels that will allow you attract audiences with polls then engage them to discover exactly what they like then personalize your offer around what they need and close the sale.

Pretty simple, right?

The software does even more than that! With it, you can:

  • Book appointment and reservations for a local business
  • Give away discount and coupon codes for you 
eCommerce stores, 
physical product offers and 
local businesses
  • Use it to go viral and drive more traffic to any offer you want
  • Promote affiliate and CPA offers
  • Directly sell digital products
  • …and build your mailing list easily

A simple customer driven funnel takes under 2 minutes and using it will literally double your conversion rates as you’ll now be able to:

  • Figure out what your audience prefers and 
exactly that to them
  • Engage your customers interactively in the 
sale process 
(sales funnel) allowing you to 
build trust, relationship, 

convert 10x higher 
and close more sales

And the really cool thing is that these customer driven funnels are very portable and with the embedding technology built into the publishing engine, you can literally place the funnels inside your marketing campaigns and start crushing it.

You can use it in your blogs, Facebook, landing pages, website builders, social media, Shopify stores and pretty much anywhere you can paste an HTML code.

Watch the mints app 2.0 live demonstration at the link below. You’ll be glad you did!

This new system brings to the table the highest level of audience engagement I’ve ever seen for any business model so you better get it right now.

If you order through the link below, you’ll also get these 4 bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Mints + Bing Traffic Flow – Here’s a neat trick that allows you to drive tens of thousands of purely targeted and ready to buy visitors for literally pennies on the dollar from Bing ads straight to your Mints App campaigns. This traffic hack is so cheap that with $25 you can get up to 5,000 targeted visitors, and it converts really well to making your customer driven funnels super profitable.
  • Bonus 2: Mints Campaign Tester – MintsApp is a really cool platform for building high converting polls and running very profitable customer driven funnels. With this new software, you’ll be able to split 2 or more Mints App campaigns automatically to find out which converts better.
  • Bonus 3: Mints $10k Affiliate Promo – You’ll learn how to build powerful Mints App campaigns that you can tie in with any affiliate or CPA offer online to get massive EPC’s, great conversion rates, and make a lot of profits. You’ll learn the $10,000 method.
  • Bonus 4: Mints App Shopified – eCommerce (Shopify) is really hot right now because it works. Combine it with a high converting customer driven funnel, and you’ll be making money. This Shopify training course focuses on showing you how to set up passive income ecommerce business with Shopify and how you can drive up your recurring sales with Mints App campaigns.

Get your lifetime access to mints app 2.0 now:

Get MintsApp 2.0 Now!

How to Sell More of Anything (Free Training)

Ray Edwards - Sell More of Anything

Ray Edwards is one of the world’s most highly-paid copywriters, and now he’s going to help you become better with some free training.

If you haven’t heard of Ray, he’s the guru behind the Gurus. He’s written multi-million dollar copy for clients like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern … and many other top names in leadership and business.

Ray gets results. He has sold over $200 million worth of products and services for himself and his clients.

In other words, this man knows a thing or two about copywriting and marketing.

And he’s just released a new free training video on copywriting.

It is PACKED with awesome stuff on how you can start getting more sales TODAY.

This is NEW and UPDATED … it’s NOT the same training he has shared in the past.

In this video, Ray covers:

  • The single most powerful technique he’s ever taught anyone, anywhere. Ray swears this is one of his top copywriting secrets of all time.
  • The 5 Emotional Motivators that drive human behavior. Knowing these is like being able to see every person’s “sales button” … and being able to push that button at will.
  • The 5 Pillars of Persuasion that work every time you use them. Ray says you should print these out and tape them to the wall near your computer. Make sure you use the 5 Pillars every time you send out sales copy. And BAM! Magic sales increase.

If you want to start seeing more sales, without spending more money, and without getting all “salesy”, then you NEED to check this out…

It won’t cost you anything.

Ray is only leaving this video up for a short time, so go watch for free while you still can.

By popular demand, Ray has included a downloadable MP3 audio version of each video PLUS a transcript – available NOW, no waiting!

Learn How to Sell More of Anything Now!

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