Learn How to Create Your Own PLR Business!

Content Cash Flow

If you love writing, publishing content, or just finding new lucrative markets to tap into, this is for you.

Alice Seba, a high quality PLR seller that I love to buy from, is opening up a limited but intensive PLR training with partner Ron Douglas.

Have you ever wished you were the one selling PLR instead of just buying it? I like to share great quality PLR when I find it, because I know how many people like to use it.

Would you like to be one of the people I’m promoting?

Just in case you don’t know, PLR stands for Private Label Rights. What you do is create content that online business owners can then edit, brand, monetize, and publish as their own. It’s a concept similar to ghostwriting, but much more lucrative because you don’t have to get bogged down with client demands and you can sell the content to many customers.

In this training, you’ll not only learn what you need to know to create your own PLR business, but you’ll also have the opportunity for personal feedback and to leverage those connections it took many years for Alice and Ron to develop.

Alice has been in the PLR business full-time since 2006 and has one of the best reputations and connections out there. Ron is a veteran online marketer and NYT Bestselling Author who specializes in growing traffic and list building, so you’re in very good hands here.
By joining the group, you’ll also be considered to be included in Alice’s secret PLR Sellers Group, so you can connect with other top-level sellers

If you’re looking for practical and personalized help to break into the PLR business or expand your current one into a steady full-time income, do yourself a favor and get one of the limited spots on this training.

To make it even easier to apply what you learn in Content Cash Flow, Alice said it would be cool if I gave you a little bonus. She gave me 10 MORE ready-to-sell products and even offered a 100% off coupon that gets you another 25 products to sell. That means, when you sign up and claim this bonus, you will have 45 products that you can start selling right away.

Once you’ve completed your registration, you’ll find the bonus on your download page that comes with your order receipt. It’s the perfect head start to getting your PLR business up and running.

The training starts tomorrow, so you have to make your decision by tonight:

Join Content Cash Flow Now!

Help Make 2016 Your Clients Best Year Ever!

Planning Your Best Year Ever

It’s getting to be THAT time of year.

You know…when you need to start thinking about next year.

What your plans are, what you’re going to do with your business…and how you’re going to make 2016 a better year than 2015.

Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold from CoachGlue want to help.

You can get “Planning Your Best Year Ever”, and use it to help make 2016 better than you ever thought it could be.

But that’s only the beginning.

You can make changes to the workbook, and sell it as your own!

Think about this…what if you changed the logo, put some of your own personality into it…and then sold it to help others.

You’d do well, plus you’d be helping others have their best year as well!

If you’re in a specific niche, you can make changes or additions to the workbook to make it niche specific. People will love it, and will love you for helping them.

So this is a win-win for everyone.

You get to use the workbook yourself to help make sure that you have the best year next year, and then you can sell this as well and help others have their best year!

Check Out Planning Your Best Year Ever Now!

Tiny List, Massive Profits – Make More Money Even with a Small List!

Tiny List Massive Profits

I love having an email list, but know it can be difficult to get a large one. If you have small list, or want to start building a list, you’re going to want to see this.

You may think that you need a large list to make a lot of money, but that just isn’t the case.

You can do well even with a tiny list!

Taylor Rizer has discovered a crazy loophole that’s allowing him to make thousands with a tiny list of 411 people.

Taylor shows tons of proof below, and reveals exactly what he’s doing. The results are staggering to say the least.

If you’re looking to get paid, even with the smallest list, see how you can get started below.

You only have the day to decide if it’s for you. The price goes up every day so if you want to spend less than $10, get it now.

Check out Taylor’s Email Loophole!

P.S. Taylor calls this the most exciting discovery he’s made in his 7 year career in Internet Marketing. I think what he found will shock you.

Earn1KaDay Special Offer for November!

Earn1KaDay - November Special

I’ve been a member of Earn1KaDay since somewhere around the middle of 2008.

What do I like best about it?

I’m not really sure…there’s really too many things to name.

It could be the fact that:

  • The forums are incredible, and some well known Internet Marketers post there and answer my questions.
  • Each week Dennis adds MORE free downloads, so that’s less products that I have to buy.
  • He has 6 in 6 coaching (Awesome program where you get awesome weekly training from Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos that costs $97 a month on its own.)
  • Access to the Super Vault, which has super premium products.
  • Access to Video PLR Vault, with 80+ video courses that I can sell myself.
  • Access to Sean Mize & Eric Louviere coaching modules.
  • …and so much more.


So what’s changing? After November 30th, Dennis won’t be able to offer 6 in 6 coaching anymore – his license will have expired.

Because of that, he’s lowering the price.

But what’s incredible, is for the month of November, you’ll get the lower price, AND you’ll still get access to 6 in 6 Coaching! And yes, that means you’ll keep the access after November has passed.

So right now you get everything – the lower price plus everything listed above.

It’s one of the few memberships that I belong to, and I wouldn’t give it up.

Just in case you didn’t realize, the whole point of this is in the name of the membership. Dennis’ goal is to get everyone to making $1,000 a day. Wouldn’t you like to get there?

Take a look at everything you get, and what the price is. I think you’ll be happy!

Join Earn1KaDay Now!

The Easy Way Affiliates Make More: Using Bonus Pages

Commission Gorilla

If you’re an affiliate marketer who isn’t doing as well as they wish, you need to check this out.

One way affiliates make more – and smart affiliates know this – is to have a bonus page.

By giving something extra to people, you’ll make up to 5x more.

But here’s the thing…

Creating pages to promote your offers is a huge pain in the neck. It takes way too long. There’s too much coding involved. And it might even look like amateur hour when you’re all done.

That’s not exactly going to boost sales, is it?

Here’s the good news…

Creating affiliate promotion pages is about to get a whole lot easier. I’m talking drag and drop easy. Point and click simple.

Introducing Commission Gorilla, which is the fastest and easiest way to start rolling out affiliate promotion offer and delivery pages.

This is a super-clever app that lets you point and click your way to the sexiest promo pages you’ve ever seen. You can add stunning graphics, videos, text and more all with the click or your mouse. The app even creates lets you build and customize call-to-action buttons!

Commission Gorilla makes it look like you spent a fortune hiring a high-priced designer to create your promo pages. No one will believe you used this app to create these pages in minutes!

Commission Gorilla creates the pages for you, hosts them if you don’t have a site, and makes it easier than ever to promote them on social media.

And if you choose the pro option, you’ll even get countdown timers to create scarcity and boost conversions, attention bars to generate more sales, and redirect pages so that you never have dead links floating out in cyberspace.

End result? More sales. A bigger list. An up to five times more commissions.

Go get yours now:

Get Commission Gorilla Now!

How to Get People to Open Your Emails, Read Your Blog Posts, and More!


Everyone gets so many emails these days, that it’s really hard to get noticed.

Did you know that simply changing a few words in your marketing can increase your conversions by 30% – 400%?

This brand new software was designed to help you come up with powerful & proven headlines.

If you’ve ever been “stuck” when trying to come up with headlines, as well as titles for your ads, email subjects, eBooks, articles, blog posts, etc…

Then you have to check this out!

I am really excited about this, because I have such a problem coming up with subject lines for emails. I know that I could have a much higher open rate, but I just couldn’t come up with better titles on my own.

Now I don’t have to!

FreshTitle is a one-click software that gives you instant access to thousands of proven titles & headlines for any content you need.

  • Instant Title Builder: Quickly generate over 800+ powerful (custom tailored) & proven titles or headlines by answering a few simple questions about your product, service, or subject!
  • Massive Swipe Bank: Get access to over 350,000+ proven headlines and over 70,000 email subject lines for an endless source of content ideas!
  • Real-Time News Headlines: Search the latest news headlines by keyword from Google and Bing for instant fresh new ideas for your content!
  • My Titles Database: Save all your best titles & headlines in your own personal database.
  • Built-In Thesaurus: Instantly swap out synonym words in a flash!

As you’ll see in this video, with changing just a few words in your headline can increase your conversions by 388%.

Plus, see 2 more examples, where one optin page increase conversions by 216%.

Check Out FreshTitle Now!

Affiliate Marketers – Learn How to Make Money with 100% Free Traffic

Alex Jeffreys Blackbox Sales Machine

If you have ever struggled to earn affiliate commissions online, then you’ll want to check out Alex Jeffreys’ latest product immediately.

Before I say anything else – it costs less than FIVE dollars!

But don’t think just because it’s so inexpensive, that it’s junk. Alex Jeffreys knows exactly what he’s doing online. In fact, in the Blackbox Sales Machine, he lets the cat out of the bag and reveals his personal “Black Box Sales Machine” that he has used to sell over 90,000 digital products online, and generate over 2.1 million sales page visitors virtually on auto-pilot.

This is a proven and tested automated income system, and it will pay for itself over and over again.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Module 1 – The “Cash Now” Backstage Pass
  • Module 2 – Non-Stop Automated Free Traffic
  • Module 3 – Instant Blackbox Sales Machine
  • Module 4 – Automated Email Cash Funnels
  • …Plus more!

Get it now, before Alex decides to pull this off the market, and only share it with his inner circle clients, like he originally said. He has done this before.

Check Out the Blackbox Sales Machine Now!

Get Yanik Silver’s New Book “Evolved Enterprise” for Close to Nothing!

Yanik Silver - Evolved Enterprise

You’ve probably heard of Yanik Silver before. He’s a very successful Entrepreneur, and has made millions online. He’s the one who ran the Underground Online event for 10 years before he recently retired it.

Well, he just released his new book, called “Evolved Enterprise – How To Re-Think, Re-imagine, & Re-invent Your Business To Deliver Meaningful Impact & Even Greater Profits”

If you’re interested in adding more impact, more meaning, and more profits to your business this year, then you should really check this book out.

The list price of the book is $19.95, but Yanik has committed to giving away 10,000 copies of the book (at his cost) to get the word out there.

The total of the book plus shipping will cost you $7.88. I hate when you think that the book is being “given away” completely, and then you end up having to pay something, so I wanted to let you know right now. It’s definitely a lot less than you’d pay if you went to the bookstore or Amazon to get it.

This book has been described as the first practical roadmap for building a highly profitable, socially conscious, and purpose driven company from the ‘inside out’.

…and a step by step guide for entrepreneurs who want to add more purpose, impact and meaning to what they do… while automatically (and inevitably) multiplying profits as a result!

Get your copy now, while he still has some in stock!

Just for getting the book get a chance to attend a dinner and exclusive beach party with Sir Richard Branson!

Get “Evolved Enterprise” Now!

Do You Need an Evil Traffic Magician?

Ben Adkins - The Evil Traffic Magician

Ben Adkins just released his latest course. It’s called “Evil Traffic Magician”.

The course is packed with traffic tricks that you can implement right now.

Just one tip in the course is worth 5x what you’ll invest in it.

There are 21 tricks that each can be implemented in just a few minutes.

Now, if you’re still trying to figure out what to sell online, this may be too advanced for you.

But if you have your own product, or have affiliate products that you’re promoting online, this can teach you how to drive traffic to anything you want.

Not only will Ben show you 21 amazing traffic tricks inside, he’s also included an entire walkthrough of how he writes sales copy so that any traffic he sends has a high probability to convert.

He’s also showing you how he researches a new industry or niche quickly, before he even drives a single visitor.

If you need to send traffic somewhere, you’d better check this out:

Get The Evil Traffic Magician Now!

Free Training from Eben Pagan – 5 Steps to Build Your Digital Product

Eben Pagan - Digital Product Blueprint

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing some amazing free content from Eben Pagan.

He just released a new video that explains the 5 steps to building your own digital information product to sell online.

In it, you’ll learn why it’s important to do each of these 5 steps, if you actually want to turn your knowledge into a product and monetize what you know – and your story.

Eben has built 10 different online digital product brands and businesses to the 1 Million mark in sales (so he knows what he’s talking about!)

He has a system for doing it that he uses, and right now he’s also opening up a new class to teach you exactly how he does it.

He calls it “The Digital Product Blueprint”, and you’ll learn about it at the end of the new video.

Make sure you watch the video today, because the new class is only open for registration until Thursday.

This video is a great example of how to give away a lot of valuable information:

Watch the Free Video Now!

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